Rodeo Houston 2024

Rodeo Houston 2024

We visited the Rodeo Houston 2024 Carnival in the month of March. After initial entry we bought the tickets. Tickets are also available online but we prefer to take it on the spot. The weather on that day was very unpredictable. As soon as we entered it started raining that too with hailstorm. So It is always a better idea to check the weather updates before coming.

After the rain stopped we visited the indoor fair along with the live stock section. The Houston Rodeo was started in 1932 and it is the largest livestock exhibition and rodeo in the world. What does Rodeo means? Well Rodeo means an exhibition of cowboy skills.

The energy inside the venue was very much lively. Most of the visitors wore a hat which represents the Rodeo culture.

We explored the livestock section first.

In the livestock section the visitors got to see various breeds of animals and birds and also get to know the process of animal husbandry. 

We saw chicken and their chicks hatch from their eggs.

We also saw many breeds of Rabbit too. 

They have made artificial sheds for  cattles like Cow, Sheep, Pigs etc

We came across many breeds of beef like Longhorn, Angus etc. I was quite fascinated by the longhorn breed as it has really long horns.

We also explored parrot section where many breeds of parrots were kept.

Glimpses of technological developments in agriculture field was another attraction of this fair.

For visitors comfort paid massage chairs where also there.

There were no dearth of Toy stalls for the kids.

After visiting the fair it was now time to enjoy the rides here.

We explored the Big Giant Wheel along with the Gondola ride. The visitors got a good glimpse of the fair from the Gondola Ride.

Other than that there were many rides for the visitors. Some rides were so scary that I didn't have the courage to explore that. There were many rides for the children too.

Apart from rides there were many paid games too for both children and adults.

In the food section there were many options to choose from such as Pizza, Pasta, Burgers, Seafood and Meat.

After enjoying this lovely meal we explored the local live band show there which was really great.

Apart from that there were livestock bull games and reputed band shows inside the NRG Stadium but that does not include in the general admission. Visitors had to purchase tickets separately for that.

With these sweet memories our Rodeo Journey ended. Do check out the below video to live the experience. And also do check and subscribe our Youtube Channel to know more.