Carnival Breeze Tour

Carnival Breeze Cruise stationed in Cozumel, Mexico Terminal Port

Carnival Breeze Tour – Planning for a Cruise Trip in Carnival Breeze ? Then you are on the right blog. In this blog we will discuss about the Carnival Breeze Facilities, Carnival Breeze Room types, On board entertainment and Food in Carnival Breeze. Before embarking first time passengers must go through this Carnival cruise blog.

Carnival Boarding – We went from Galveston to Mexico on this cruise for a 6 day 5 night trip. We didn’t have to apply for a Mexican visa as our US Visa was all we need
(Disclaimer :- Although All US Visas are valid for Mexico tour but passengers should still check with the US Embassy before leaving).

Indian’s should also keep their I-94 ready either in printed form or in their mobile as the immigration official might ask for the same.

Like flight cruise also have Web Check-In which is mandatory before embarkation and can be easily done from Carnival Website(or any other cruise website if you are taking a different cruise). After that visitors will be issued the Tickets and Luggage Tag which have to be put on the handle of your luggages after you take the prints of the same. Check the picture below to understand it better.

Tag should be put on the handle before reaching Terminal Port

Do’s and Don’t in a Cruise

Carnival Cruise provide Carnival Hub app. We recommend you to download it before embarkation as you will know what activities are happening on which deck. Also inside cruise when you are in the middle of the Sea the internet don’t work and there will be no tower signal too. As the Internet is payable inside cruise it is upto the passenger to take it or not but your carnival Hub app will still work on the Cruise Wifi.

We are providing some crucial carnival cruise tips for first timers before you embark on cruise journey please do have a look in the below video.

After reaching the Terminal the passengers have two choices either to give the main Tagged Baggages to the Porters available outside the Terminal gates for which you have to give some Tips (Nominal Tip mentioned in Carnival Website). Or you can take your own luggage with you till your room.

We gave our tagged luggage to the porter and it was a great ease for us as during immigration we don’t have to bother for our luggages.

In approx 1.5 to 2 hrs we got our luggages directly in our stateroom.

Lets come back to the Carnival Cruise Journey again. After all the immigration process which was very smooth we went inside the Cruise. It was a mesmerising feeling as if we have entered some kind of a palace. We were asked to join for Safety Demo to a certain place in the cruise. The information for that was already in the ticket. Safety demo inside a cruise is a must drill and one should not avoid it. If a passenger fails to attend a safety demo then he or she might be penalized for it and in worst cases passenger can be deboarded too.

After the safety demo in cruise we went straight to our state room. It is always better to go by stairs as the rush for the lift was too much as every passenger was in a hurry to go to their room. You will find the staircase with very less crowd.

Carnival Breeze Room Types

There are mainly Four types of room category in carnival breeze cruise which is Interior Room, Ocean View, Balcony Room and Suite. 

The Suite is the most expensive of all of them as it is spacious then the previous ones.  The Balcony room also provide a great viewing and cruising experience so we took the same.

Along with the room key you will also receive SAIL CARD which is a kind of debit card.

Sail Card

SAIL Card is used in the cruise for purchasing anything. Some amount is already pre filled inside it and is already notified to you before boarding but you can refill it inside the cruise too.

Check Out the Room Facilities and other amenities provided in the below video.

Carnival Breeze Food

There was unlimited food in our cruise journey both veg and non-veg. There are manly two categories of it. One is the Free Buffet Restaurants and Dine-In restaurants which is included with your ticket. Next is the paid restaurants and pubs in which the passenger have to pay.

The free buffet and In Dine restaurants is more than enough for a passenger as it provided unlimited Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner along with unlimited beverages which includes Lemonade, Orange Juice, Coffee, Tea and Ice cream. But if passenger want to drink and have something different from regular menu then the paid restaurant are there. Also I liked there unlimited Pizza section which remained open till 1 am daily. For more information refer to below video.

Entertainment Onboard – Carnival Breeze Live Band
There are lot of activities and entertainment on board in Carnival Breeze like live Music Bands, Theatre, Games and various activities for both Adults and Children. Every day the live band program starts from 7:00 pm till late in night also some bands like violin, dance programs are active in the afternoon too.

Deck no 10 also known as the Lido Deck was most vibrant one where passengers can enjoy swimming pool along with food from buffet restaurants and can watch movie from the giant screen which is placed there. It also have game activities almost the whole day

Deck 12 has water sports activities for both adults and children. There is a jogging track along with a golf section and rope walking too. For your comfort Spa and Laundry facility is also available on board.

For full Carnival Breeze Cruise Tour experience before embarking please watch the below video and do subscribe our channel Explore Your Trip too.