Galveston to Mexico Cruise

Galveston to Mexico Cruise – Hello, today we will take you to a splendid 6 days 5 nights carnival cruise from Galveston to Mexico in Carnival Breeze Cruiseship. In Mexico we will cover two spots first is Galveston to Cozumel Island and second one is Cozumel to Progreso Island. 

We took the famous Carnival Breeze Cruise. After web checking we went straight to the terminal as per our appointed time which we choose ourself. The cruise departure was 4:30 pm but we went according to our appointed time only which was from 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm. Do keep in mind that in cruise the passenger should only go to terminal according to his/her appointed time only otherwise he may have to wait if he/she missed his/her appointment lot. Check the boarding pass below to get an idea of it.

After reaching the Cruise Terminal we completed all the immigration formalities.. Do check the Do’s and Don’t in a Cruise in th below video.

After entry in the cruise we went for the safety demo just like safety demo in flights.

After that we went straight to our room. We choose the Balcony Stateroom from where we had a direct glance at the sea. The view was amazing.

We saw lots of Dolphins at the Galveston Port. We saw locals who were enjoying the weekend on there personal boats and yachts.

This blog is mostly for the Journey of  Galveston to Mexico. But if you want to know specifically about Carnival Breeze then check this link.

What to expect in Carnival Breeze Galveston to Mexico Tour

At exact 4:30 pm our cruise departed from Galveston port. 

Day – 1 :- As soon as the Cruise leaves the port all the activities in the ship started like Live DJ and unlimited food. After spending some time in the upper deck where all them live music and buffet restaurants are there we went straight to the theatre to enjoy the programs hosted here. After the program we enjoyed lavish lunch at an In-Dining restaurant which conclued our first day in cruise.

Breakfast Zone

Day – 2 :- On the second day also as per itinerary we had to spend the whole day in the cruise. We had our breakfast at around 7:30am. It is always a wise idea in cruise to have your breakfast by 8:00 am as after that you will find rush in the buffet restaurants. After that we indulged in various activities in the ship. At night we had a sumptuous meal, after that we went to sleep.

Day – 3 :- On third day at around 7:30 am we reached Cozumel Island which was our first destination.  It was an amazing view from the balcony. Before disembarking from the ship we had our breakfast. You can book this excursion from the Cruise website or after deboading you can directly go and contact the vendors for the excursion which will be a cheap options too. But in my view it is better to book through your cruise only. Those who do not wish to go for excursion can stay in the ship only. There are many duty free shops available here near the port. In the designated spots for excursion you will find guides with placards in their hands in which the name of various excursions are written. You have to check your excursion name which you chose before booking.

We chose the Open Top Touristic Bus excursion which was kind of Cozumel sightseeing with beach restaurant visit along with shopping. The guide enlightened us about the rich history of that place. The open Top Touristic was a delight to ride. First we went to place known as San Miguel de Cozumel where we saw Benito Juárez Garcia statue along with an old clock tower. After that we checked many shops there for shopping. Next we went to OTOCH park. Here we were told about the tradition Mayan Culture. There was a tribal show too which was great to witness. We also tastes many food items like Chocolate, Honey and Tachos. Visitors also get to experience various local tequillas too which they can purchase also. After spending around 1.5 hrs we went to a beach restaurant where we tried various seafood. We also enjoyed quality time in beach too. After this mind boggling 4.5 hrs we went back to our cruise. The time was 4:30 pm. Around 5:15 pm the cruise left Cozumel Port. We spend day rest of the day in the upper deck tocheck various activities. Also enjoyed live band along with Grand dinner. After that we went to our rooms which marked the end of Day three.

Day – 4 :- On fourth day by 7:30 am we reached our destination Progreso in Yucatan . This is another island like Cozumel.  Before de boarding we had our breakfast. After De boarding we went to our designated area and were easily able to spot our guide who was standing there holding the placard with our excursion name written on it. We have choosen Discover Colonial Merida & Shopping excursion where we get to see the historial places in Merida. Merida is the capital of Yucatan. Unlike in Cozumel where we have an open top tourist bus here we have been transported to an airconditioned bus. The guide gave us very important knowledge about the history and culture of Merida city. After more then one hour of journey our first destination was Monumento La Patria which is also known as Homeland Monument.

Merida in Yucatan

This roundabout monument in the middle of the road was a treat to watch. After spending half an hour there our second destination was Palacio de Gobierno which was a kind of palace where Yucatan rulers lived. We saw great painting there. After spending half an hour there  we went to the famous Cathedral of Merida which was just 100 metres away from there. There were many historical building and museum adjacent to the Carthedral. It was afternoon time and were feeling hungry, so the guide took us to a local but famous restaurant there where we had delicious pizza and shakes. After that we have been given about an hour to checkout the nearby places along with shopping. The guide showed us large gates at almost every old home here. These are becaouse in older time horse charriot used to be the main mode of transport unlike cars and buses. So Large doors were made to allow horse carriages to enter the house.

After 4.5 hrs its time to go back to our cruiseship. After 1 hour of journey we reached our cruise. The time was around 4:30 pm. At around  5:15 pm we left Progreso. At night we enjoyed delicious Indian meal at an In-dining restaurant. After that we enjoyed live band and also visited the Casino there.

Food in Cruiseship

Day – 5 :- On the fifth day which was also the last day of our cruise  we spend the whole day in the cruise. We had our breakfast at around 7:30am. After that we enjoyed various water sports which was available during the day in the upper deck along with DJ music.Passengers can also enjoy SPA here which is a paid service. In afternoon we enjoyed buffet lunch. In the evening we enjoyed theatre and live music. There are many activities for children also so make sure you check the same. At night we enjoyed dinner at a paid restaurant which was not in our package. We enjoyed Indian fish fry which was amazing. we went to sleep after that which concludes the fifth day of our cruise.

Day – 6 :-The next day we reached Galveston port at around 7:00 am. But before disembarking we had our breakfast. It was like a fairy tale for the last five days in the cruise and it was very difficult for us to forget this unforgettable journey. This journey is definately embedded in my memory permanently and will try to do more such cruise journey’s in the future too. If you  liked my blog please share too and for more detail check out the below video and also do subscribe our Youtube Channel.