Indian store Houston, USA

Indian store Houston, USA – Are you new to Houston and looking for Indian grocery in america ? No problem this blog will help you in all the possible ways it can. America itself has its own grocery stores where you will get most of the items of your choice but still we want to have that Indianized version don’t you ūüôā ? So lets get straight to the point.

If you are in Houston, Texas then do check out the the following Indian grocery store in usa

Parivaar Grocers6655 Harwin Dr. Ste 103A, Houston, TX 77036 near hillcroft shopping area.

This is a popular Indian grocery store in houston, where you will get almost all the possible indian daily use items be it soaps, food items like atta, maida, oil, rice and much more. Apart from that you will also get Indian Sweets, Indian Vegtables & Fruits  that are not available in the American stores.

If you are craving for Samosa, Parantha, Naan, Palak Paneer, Chole, Indian Icecreams etc than that too is available in the refrigerated section. 

Pooja items are also available here like agarbatti, diya, Bhagwan ka asan etc. In USA you will rarely find Match Boxes as most people use lighter. So you will get that too here.

Check out the below Parivaar Grocers video for more clarity.


Vishala Grocery5815 Hillcroft St very close to udipi cafe.

This Indian grocery store in houston, USA which is also very near to Parivaar Grocers store is a small store as compared to Paarivaar Grocers. Here also you will find daily items used by Indians such as  Indian Teas, Ghee, Pulses, Imly, Papad, Biscuits like Marie, Krackjack etc. AIso you will find Incense Sticks or Agarbatti, Broom (Jhadu) ready to eat Indian food like Paneer, Kaju Katli, Ladoo, Gol Gappa etc .

Apart from that many types of Indian vegetable and Fruits are also available here. Check the below video for more information…

Keemat Grocers – Address 5601 Hillcroft St , Houton Texas

Apart from Parivaar this Indian store in Houston hillcroft is also famous among Indians for Indian grocery shopping in Houston, usa.

Here you will find all the Indian grocery items which are used in daily basis like soaps, juices, oils,tea and much more. You will also get basic allopathic  and ayurvedic medicines.  In sweets you will get Soan Papri, Kaju Katli, Besan Laddo etc. Video coming soon watch for this space.

Kroger7747 Kir by Dr Houston

Kroger is an american store which is located in every nook and corner of USA but right now I am showing you the Kirby Dr address of Houston. It offers many daily use products like Soap, Baby products, Stationary, Bread, Bakery, Juices, basic medicines, Milk, Meat Items and Seafood (american breed mostly)Vegetables and Fruits.  For more information refer to below video.

Costco Superstore3836 Richmond Ave

Costco Superstore is also present is every nook and corner of USA. Costco Superstore is an ideal place for electronics, Grocery, Furniture, Food and much more. Indian grocery items are also available here.

According to visitors the prices here are a little cheaper than the other stores and the quality is also good. But there is a catch you need to have a paid membership to enter the store.  For more information refer to the below video.

Cherry Foodarama Houston

A grocery store which caters mostly Asians. It has lot of varities for Korean and Chinese Items… check below video


So we hope this blog will help you to get the Indian items you desire.

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