Delhi Zoo full tour

Today we will explore Delhi Zoo which is also known as National Zoological Park. This place is adjacent to Purana Qila

Parking facility is available just outside Delhi Zoo entrance. 

It is quite crowded on Saturdays and Sundays

About Delhi Zoo Ticket : At the entrance we got to know that now on the spot ticket at window is discontinued

How to book Delhi Zoo Tickets : As the window ticket is discontinued thus for entry in the park you can either book Delhi Zoo tickets from Delhi Zoo’s official website or generate tickets on your mobile from the QR Code pole present right on the entrance of the Zoo.

Delhi Zoo Timings : National Zoological Park opens in the morning from 8:30 am and close in the evening at 4:30 pm and it is closed on Friday’s

It is advisable to come early here so that you can avoid the crowd and also feel the nature

For visitors comfort battery operated vehicle runs inside the zoo which gives you a full tour of the Zoo. The tickets for the same are available inside

The Zoo was inaugurated on 1st November, 1959 which is spread over 176 acres

For visitors convenience there are guide maps and direction boards inside the zoo

At Zoological Park visitors can find Black Buck, White Buck, Barking Deer, Chinkara and many varieties of Deer

We saw Hippo’s in both water and land


Black Himalayan Bears entertained the audience a lot

We saw crocodiles, Rhino and Indian Bison’s enjoying in the sun

For visitors comfort public convenience and benches are placed inside the zoo

Children were thrilled to watch Elephant and its family

We saw king of jungle relaxing

A huge crowd gathered to watch Jaguar, Leopard, White Tiger and Bengal tiger.

We saw Goral which looks very similar to a goat or antelope.

Naughty monkeys entertained the kids a lot.

Along with animals there are varieties of Birds present in the Zoo.

Some of them are Peacock, Ostrich, Pelican, Crane, Duck, Dove, Emu, Stork, Owl, Eagle, Horn bill etc.

With these sweet memories we concluded our Zoo journey.

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